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Alpha Stim Therapy

Veterinary Alpha-Stim therapy is a prescription medical device that is used to treat pain, anxiety, insomnia, and depression in dogs and cats. The relief from Alpha-Stim is cumulative, which results in less required treatments over time. This therapy can be used as a stand-alone treatment, but may also be used with other veterinary treatment protocols. Alpha-Stim therapy does not require the use of any drugs or anesthesia.

How Does Alpha-Stim Work?

Alpha-Stim therapy creates an electronic wave pattern that allows the animal’s cells to heal and operate naturally. Using a variety of frequencies, this electronic wave pattern moves the electrons throughout your pet’s body which is also known as harmonic resonance. This effect allows relief from pain and conditions such as anxiety, insomnia, and depression.

To learn more about how we use Alpha-Stim therapy at Auburn Animal Clinic, please call us at (815) 965-5586.