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Coggins Test

Our veterinarians at Auburn Animal Clinic can perform Coggins testing for horses. The Coggins test is a blood test that screens for the presence of equine infectious anemia (EIA), also known as swamp fever. EIA is an infectious viral disease that is transmitted from horse to horse by flies, such as horseflies or deerflies. The EIA virus can also be transmitted to foals, so foals of affected mares can also test positive. The virus causes anemia, which results in a low number of red blood cells in horses. Symptoms if EIA include:

  • fever
  • depression
  • weight loss
  • swelling in the legs and stomach

A certificate of a negative Coggins test is required before a horse is allowed to be transported, stabled, boarded, exhibited or raced. In the case of sale or transfer of ownership, a certificate of negative Coggins test must accompany the horse. For more information about Coggins testing and certification, please call us at (815) 965-5586 .