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General Medicine

If your pet requires general medical care or develops a serious illness, the team of highly trained professionals at Auburn Animal Clinic are here to diagnose and treat your pet and answer all the questions you may have. Whether it’s a routine checkup, treatment of a chronic disease, or an emergency, our hospital is equipped with state-of-the-art medical equipment to treat your pet.

We provide general veterinary medicine for your dog or cat, including:

Internal Medicine

We provide comprehensive internal medicine for pets with complex health problem such as autoimmune disorders, infectious disease, and conditions related to the gastrointestinal tract, liver, kidney, pancreas, respiratory tract or other organ system. We are committed to diagnosing, treating, and monitoring your pet’s medical condition. Our goal is to help you find the answers to your pet’s medical conditions and improve your pet’s quality of life.

Chronic Conditions

We provide comprehensive medical care for pets with complex internal medical conditions such as gastrointestinal disease, respiratory disease, renal disease, liver disease, autoimmune disorders, and infectious diseases. We will perform the routine monitoring, make diet recommendations, and changes to your pet’s medications or treatments to help manage your pet’s condition.


Pets are prone to allergies, just like humans. Allergies, skin problems, and excessive scratching can cause significant discomfort for your pet. We will work closely with you to diagnose and treat any dermatological conditions in your pet. We can treat skin and ear conditions such as:

  • Food and contact allergies
  • Allergic reactions to inhalants and fleas
  • Parasites (fleas and mites)
  • Autoimmune related skin diseases
  • Infectious diseases (bacterial and fungal)
  • Hormonal diseases
  • Recurring ear infections


Auburn Animal Clinic is dedicated to finding solutions to animal behavioral problems. Pets can have a wide variety of behavioral issues, from simple house training problems, to severe anxiety and aggression issues. If left unresolved, behavior problems can jeopardize the joy of the relationship you and your family have with your pet. We provide training and advice for our clients, as well as early behavior modification.